Minor Site and Crux Updates!

Happy Tuesday!

A few more minor site updates/tweaks…I added more quotes to the testimonials page, and as I said in the prior post, I’m still reconsidering changing up the layout of a few of the individual pages. I’m also going to work on giving people a direct option to purchase my works from the site itself. While there are some books on Comixology and other sites, as I mentioned before, a lot of the printed works are out of print, but I do want to make them available for those who want to read them (even if some of them are ten years old and not up to my current standards! Ha!).

On the Crux front, I had a conference call with the creator and his editor last night, and it sounds like we’re changing a few things up. However, I do think these changes (mainly in how and who is handling the art) will make the book stronger and also get the first issue out quicker. More updates as they come!

I think that’s it for now, but in the meantime, everyone please stay safe and healthy out there!

Sheltered-in Day 36 = Website Revision

Welcome back, dear friends,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during what has been an unusual 2020 so far. Over the last month, I’ve mixed my day job (which is considered essential) with a lot of days of staying at home, but along with that extra home time has come some increase in productivity in many aspects of my life. Having the wife and kids here 24/7 has also allowed for some great bonding time.

I also felt it was time for a revision to the website, so if you’ve visited before, you’ll notice that the layout and sub-pages have changed somewhat. Gone are the “Published Work” and “Current Work” pages, replaced by “Work as Writer” and “Work as Editor.” Quite simply, it seemed like a better idea to split those two roles into their own pages, and at least for now, I like it, though I’m still toying with the actual layouts on those pages (this is why I’m not a web designer!). I’ve also included a “Testimonials/Hiring Rates” page for anyone who is interested in hiring me as a writer or editor (I’ll be adding more testimonials from past and existing clients in the coming weeks). More preview pages and script samples are also available on their respective pages.

My main issue is finding a way to make some of my “out of print” work available for purchase. It’s not impossible since I have the digital files. However, some of these stories were part of anthologies, so I don’t necessarily have the rights to print the entirety of these books. It may simply come down to consolidating all of my anthology stories into one new collection and marketing it that way. We’ll see…

On the writing and editing sides themselves, I’m busier than ever, mostly with work-for-hire projects (I guess people have more free time right now to focus on their creative endeavors), but I’m also planning on continuing my own projects. However, for right now, my focus is on books like Starfall and Crux, of which the scripts for the first issues have been completed, but it now falls on the artists to work on them (Starfall is further along than Crux, since that book began production earlier). I’ve finally finished all eight scripts for the Alpha Guardians series, so it’s now up to the client to find an artist to produce those pages. I’d imagine, however, that the earliest we’ll see anything is mid-2021.

Hopefully expect more frequent updates as other things begin to pick up speed, but again, if you’re looking to hire me or purchase any of my works, please reach out to me by any number of contact sources on the site. For now, I hope everyone takes care, and we can all get back to some semblance of normalcy soon!



Summer 2019 Update

Howdy there, folks,

It’s been a wild and crazy six months, both personally and professionally, but I’m not here to bore you with the former. I just wanted to get a few quick updates out about the site and upcoming projects.

Regarding the site, I’ve added both a Preview Pages section (with select pages from my projects) and a Script Samples section to peruse some of my work on a more personal level. Similarly, more stories have been added to the Online Comics section. As usual, however, these stories are available for purchase. I hope you enjoy!

As I’ve mentioned before, work-for-hire projects like Starfall and Alpha Guardians are still moving along. For the latter, I’ve submitted six issues to the client, and there are three more planned (ending on issue #9), so once we get closer to that point, you should hear more details and perhaps see some art. The former, with one issue submitted to that client, almost has the pencils and inks completed and will move on to colors and letters soon. Future issues (as to when we’ll see them) will depend on the book series that this series is being adapted from, but I’ve heard from the book series’ author, and he possibly has some big news to report soon. Other series like Vampire World (which I really need to start on), New Providence, and The Forgotten are also still on their way (regarding New Providence, you can now see some preview pages on that part of my website). I also have two more series, one a fantasy-based one and the other historical fiction, that I’m in the planning stages on. More about those, including titles (though I have those picked out), as art teams are arranged.

Sometime during the rest of 2019 and into 2020, you’ll also likely see several short stories and one-shots that I’ve also had in production with various companies or clients over the last year. It’s just been a matter of getting the art completed and/or needing to Kickstart them. Again, more information soon…

I think that’s about all for this time, but I hope everyone is well and has a fantastic summer, as we start to move into warmer weather. Stay safe, everyone!

Post-Thanksgiving Update

Hey, folks,

There have been a lot of great things happening in my own creative corner of the world. First of all, The Gathering: Horror 5 and The Gathering: Horror 6 have both been sent to the printers, so those should be available for purchase soon. GrayHaven is still working on a new website alternative, but we should have something up when those books come back from the printer. Subsequently, The Gathering: Music should be going to the printer in January.

In terms of my own books, I’ve cranked out three more short stories for Ozzy Longoria’s Doomsday TV series, so hopefully those plus the one story that is already completed will see print soon. Speaking of Ozzy and I collaborating together, we will also have an eight-page story for a Monster Mash-Up anthology published by Grit City Comics. The first draft of the script was just turned in, so Ozzy should be able to start work on the art by New Years. I’d expect a release later in 2019. There is also another ongoing project that Ozzy and I spoke about and started early development on that I should have time to get started on soon, too. More on that when developments happen.

I’ve also finished the complete first-issue script to the top secret project Starfall, and I’ve already seen the first six pages of the penciled art, which look breathtaking. I can’t wait to show previews of this once I’m allowed to. Similarly, I’m still cranking away on the scripts for the other top secret project, Alpha Guardians. I’ve completed the first three twenty-four-page scripts and am hard at work on the fourth issue (which will be slightly larger at twenty-six pages). Hopefully art previews and announcements will be forthcoming now that we’re far enough ahead on scripts. The last piece of news for new projects is that I have a twenty-four page story coming out from Nightfall Comics that will be spread out over three issues, with a release next year.

Returning to older projects, expect to see the first issues of The Forgotten and New Providence finished finally. Announced series artists Greg Kimmett and Anthony Richichi, respectively, are expected to continue.

Stay turned for more news soon! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season, and I expect great things to continue into 2019!

It’s been a long time!

It’s been a busy year, with much of my writing being overshadowed by family, my day job, and freelance editing jobs, but things are slowly starting to move again. With GrayHaven Comics, our site has been down since the New Year, and that is for several reasons. One, the site no longer served the company’s needs, both in selling our books and promoting those same books. Two, the cost of the site for the company’s Publisher was also too much. Finally, the delay in getting a proper replacement going has been due to lack of time, but we think we’ve finally found a cost-effective replacement that will hopefully take form soon. More on that, as well as GrayHaven releases, as we know more, but also expect some possible movement on the digital end for some select titles.

In terms of my own writing, unfortunately, I missed the Alterna Comics IF submissions again, or, rather, at least in terms of a new story. I was going to work with artist Greg Kimmett on a new story, but neither of us could find the time to really sit down and get anything going, so instead, I submitted an old published story at the last minute that did not get in, which is fine. Alterna Comics’ publisher Peter Simeti has been overloaded with great submissions the last few years, and this was one of my older works and not really representative of what I do now, so I really wasn’t surprised there were far better options to go into the book. Maybe next year…however, I do have an older story I’m revising and having colored for a possible submission to the company’s It Came Out on a Wednesday series of books, so fingers are crossed. The last colored page should be done this week, and then I’ll redo some of the dialogue and get it re-lettered.

With that said, I was picked up for a ten-page story for an Australian anthology published by Comics 2 Movies. I’m finishing up the last couple of script pages to send off to the company to review for any edits/changes and then on to the art stage. I’m not sure of their timetable for having the book come out (I know it will likely be Kickstarted, since their last several books were successfully done that way), but I imagine it would be late this year or into 2019.

Beyond that, I’m also going to start work on a fantasy/sci-fi comic adaptation of a book for a client, likely for an initial five to ten pages to shop around for interest, and if there is, I’ll finish up a full script for it. The author has an artist selected, and his work is beautiful, so I look forward to seeing what my script pages will look like. More details as I’m allowed to say, though…

Sadly, one of my other prior projects will not see the light of day. The artist/co-creator for the project suddenly passed away late last year, and as this was a project he shopped around to me, I don’t feel right attempting to continue on. It hadn’t gotten past the scripting stage, and other than a few sample pages and character sketches, there really wasn’t any art to speak of, but after mauling over asking the family their thoughts, I decided it was in bad taste. So that project is officially over, though some of the ideas I brought to the series were too fun to not use elsewhere, so at some point, I may try to bring them to a new project. We’ll see, though.

You should also still expect to see a Red Rooster one-shot, which is a follow-up to the introductory story published by Alterna Comics in their 2016 IF Anthology. It’s in collaboration with creator Brian Cole’s superhero universe (the Red Rooster is appearing as a cameo in one of his books). That will be fun to get back to that character.

Two prior series that I had started work on (one of those with completed art), New Providence and The Forgotten, will come back, and I’ll be finishing the scripts to their first issues sometime this year. After that, there are still a few other projects looking for an artist to love them, so I may try to shop around some of those later in the year once the priority projects are taken care of.

Anyway, as I said in the open, things are starting to take shape again, and it feels good. I hope to be able to talk more about these projects later this year, but in the meantime, please continue to follow me here on this page as well as on Facebook and Twitter.